At Orcutt Academy High School, students across the student body have the opportunity to explore a wide range of interests through clubs and student organizations. Whether you’re a freshman with a passion to get involved with the Class of, a sophomore who wants to get involved in community service through National Honor Society, a junior looking to make an impact internationally through Interact, or a senior who wants to explore STEM through Spartatroniks, you’ll have the chance to discover, participate, and lead.

Orcutt Academy High School clubs and organizations are student-driven. Each year, clubs are added to meet students' interests and passions.

Clubs for the 2019-2020 School Year:

Class of 2020

Class of 2021

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Interact Club

Straight and Gay Alliance (S.A.G.A.)

Science Club

National Honor Society

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

Christian Club

Catholic Club

Latinos Unidos

Young Life

Friday Night Live


  • Class of 2020 - A collaborative club where members actively work together, raising funds for Class of 2020 activities. All students are welcome and encouraged to contribute ideas and support. Club advisors: Ariana Cross, Caden McCune, and Isabel Guerrero

  • Class of 2021 - The Class of 2021 club is for all the students who are a part of the graduating class of 2021. They plan events for our class such as our prom and grad night, and each year they plan a dance for the school. This year they put on the schools winter formal. They do many fundraisers to help with our events and being a part of the club is a great way to be an active member of your class.

  • Class of 2022 - The focus of Class of 2022 is to promote class spirit and raise funds for senior activities.

  • Interact Club - Interact club is a self-governing and self-supporting club that is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Santa Maria South. Interact carries out two service projects a year: one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding.

  • Straight and Gay Alliance (S.A.G.A.) - Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club -We work to make the campus a safe place for students of a variety of sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

  • Science Club - A place to celebrate the wonder of Science, to learn to fly a drone, and maybe blow things up!

  • National Honor Society - The purpose of this organization is to create enthusiasm for scholarship and community service. Additionally we promote leadership and help develop good character. (NHS Application is required)

  • California Scholarship Federation (CSF) - A statewide federation where students that excel in scholarship are brought together to perform community service.

  • Christian Club - The Christian Club provides opportunities for students to hear from local youth pastors, to connect with each other, and to serve the community together.

  • Catholic Club - A space for open discussion to learn more about Catholic faith and strive to provide info about Catholic Universities.

  • Latinos Unidos - An all-inclusive club centered around the sharing and learning of Latino Culture. We meet to discuss how we can share Latino culture in fun ways, as well as particpate in community service.

  • Young Life - Young life is a party with a purpose. It can be controlled chaos at times, but you are guaranteed to have tons of fun and also hear a simple message about God's love for everyone. Students from all backgrounds are welcome!

  • Friday Night Live (FNL) - The Friday Night Live (FNL) program is designed for high school-aged young people and is motivated by youth-adult partnerships that create essential and powerful opportunities that enhance and improve local communities.

  • Spartatroniks - Our team, FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks, values education and technology. Our primary goal is to develop an interest in STEM and business fields for our members through competition and collaboration. We strive to sculpt exceptional engineers and business people with our program using real-world machinery and business tools to succeed.

The Orcutt Academy High School robotics team, FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks, currently has 42 students with many valuable mentors who have worked hard to get us to where we are today. Guided by mentors and fully embracing the principles of FIRST, students are responsible for all the work, from the mechanics to the business side – putting in 30+ hours per week on top of their academic studies and other responsibilities. It’s as close to real-world engineering as a student can get, including both the business and design sides of engineering!